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Our kind of Church

We are a contemporary church of the Pentecostal faith, committed to ancient truths and principles.

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Diverse Congregation

Within our congregation, there are youth and senior adults, young families with children, and people of varied ethnicities and nationalities. We are determined to say “Welcome!” to any and all whom Jesus also welcomes and receives!

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Praise Through Song

Even our music is an example of the diversity of people who gather with us. We sing the great, traditional hymns of the church, but we also sing the more contemporary, informal choruses of today. More important to us than the mode of our music is the spirit of our music – from the heart, in spirit and in truth.

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Open Arms & Hearts

The welcoming nature of our congregation. Anyone and everyone is welcome at Bay Shore Assembly of God.

Our Commitment

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20

We choose to concentrate on those basic beliefs which all Christians share in common - the ancient truths and principles found in the Bible.

Our commitment to ancient truths and principles is reflected in ....
Our devotion to Bible principles. We believe that the principles for life contained in the Bible, though ancient, have stood the test of time. Our commitment to following these principles has proven to be the source of the unparalleled satisfaction, fulfillment, and joy which characterizes our lives.
Our affiliation with an international fellowship of churches (the Assemblies of God). The Assemblies of God is the fastest growing group of churches in the world. Throughout its history, it has demonstrated a track record of fidelity to Jesus, integrity, a commitment to Bible principles, and a passion for worldwide humanitarian efforts.

We believe that our affiliation with the Assemblies of God provides a safeguard through which our devotion to Bible principles is maintained.
If you have any questions about Bay Shore Assembly of God, please don't hesitate to call us at 631.665.5241 or send an e-mail to office.church@optimum.net We would be very happy to make your acquaintance and answer any questions you may have!

Our Family

Meet some of the important members of the Church!


Senior Pastor

J. David Johnson

Associate Pastor